Welcome to the Bibles-4-Bikers website. We thank you for stopping by. The purpose of this site, is to help create an awareness, of an opportunity that folks can take part in. They can help the members of Iron Horse Ministries, to get a Bible into the hands of as many motorcycle riders as possible. This is a HUGE God sized task that has been given us by Him, and if you want, you can help us to fulfill it.

As we all know, these are very difficult times that we live in, and there are many hurting people out there. Our desire is to have an easy to read Bible readily available to give to folks that are struggling and looking for heartfelt answers - nothing ministers to the heart, like the truth of God's Word.

Now, you may not know this, but those who are involved in motorcycle ministries are much like soldiers, only they're soldiers for the cross. And as with any other soldier, they never know just what they're going to find out there. Sometimes, things are fast and furious; and sometimes, the only thing they can do is just quietly pray and love on those in need. Whatever the situation is, they need to have all the right tools at their disposal in order to be effective. And of course, other than prayer, a Bible is the most effective tool they can have. Christian riders not only need to have the Word of God in their hearts; they also need to have a copy of it in their hands, so they may hand it to someone in need.

Would you like to be part of helping us to minister to people at the point of their heartfelt need, knowing that you are making a difference in someone's life? Well, you can. Come, and help us shed a little light into an otherwise dark world.