Bibles-4-Bikers is a far-reaching project, whose purpose is to supply the members of Iron Horse Ministries with God's Word, in order to help them bring the 'light of hope' into this dark world.

You can have a part in this project, through your simple gift. A donation of $2.50 will put a bible in the hands of one rider. However, if you want to make a bigger impact, a donation of $125 will obtain a case of 50 bibles.

Just think, each Bible is not only the Word of God; it's an investment in the lives and future of people that may not feel they have much of either. So pray about getting involved, and being an investor in the future.

It is our hope and prayer that God will touch your heart, and use you through this 'extension' of Iron Horse Ministries (Bibles-4-Bikers), to help touch countless lives; bringing hope to the hopeless; and grow His Kingdom.